Dress Code



Solid color polo shirt & khaki, blue or black slacks or shorts * Must be knee length.


Solid color polo shirt & khaki, blue or black slacks, jumpers, skirts, or shorts *Must be knee length.


Non-marking soles only *No sandals or flip flops.

Uniform shirts are to be tucked in always.

A uniform prevents Christian youth from being a stumbling block through immodesty or sloppy dress.

Uniforms and high standards help prevent giving offense.

Uniforms result in higher discipline and higher academics.

Uniforms help improve a student’s self-image.

Uniforms provide classroom decor.

Uniforms provide a distinct difference; “Being not conformed…but…transformed.”

Uniforms give identification for building school “esprit de corps”.

Uniforms reduce yearly clothing costs.

Uniforms eliminate daily decision of what to wear.

Uniforms eliminate competition in dress between potential social climbers.

Uniforms standardize and neutralize externals while enhancing individualization in internal values.

ALL clothing should be clean, in good repair, and WELL PRESSED.

P. E. Uniform: Boys/Men

  • Loose-fitting, designated gym T-shirtprovided by the school. (No tank top or sleeveless shirts).
  • Black pants OR black shorts: Shorts must come down to the knee.
  • Only tennis shoes with non-marking soleswill be permitted.

P. E. Uniform: Girls/Ladies

  • Loose-fitting, gym T-shirt provided by the school. (No tank topor sleeveless shirts).
  • Black pants or black shorts: Shorts must come down to the knee.
  • Tennis shoes with non-markingsoles.

Additional gym shirts are available for purchase.

Special Activities:Students attending official school activities on or off campus after school hours must wear clothing consistent with standards of the uniform worn in the classroom.

Ask the Head of School, Mrs. Hope Hinson

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