Admission Requirements

Attendance at CCA is a privilege and not a right. Our goal is to train Christian youth, of every ability, in the highest principles of Christian leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity, and good citizenship. CCA stands without apology for the Word of God and the highest standards of morality and behavior.

To reach this goal, we seek to enroll students and parents who are equally committed to the same convictions maintained by CCA.

Students and parents are expected to belong to and regularly attend a Bible-believing church similar to the beliefs and practices of the Cornerstone FWB Church.

Students should desire to attend CCA and willingly accept the standards of conduct and dress as explained in this handbook and sign the designated forms.

Parents and students must read and sign the designated forms having to do with the policies of CCA concerning student discipline, conduct, dress, and procedures as stated within this handbook and other documentation (Standard of Conduct, Parent / School Agreement, etc.).

Parents must share the same basic philosophy for Christian education as CCA as expressed in this handbook and be actively involved with their child’s education.

Upon enrolling your child in CCA, you are stating you are able and willing to pay the child’s tuition.

All parents must sign the CCA Parent-School Agreement.

Students who are married are not permitted to attend CCA.

Students who are engaged to be married are not permitted to attend CCA.

Students who are expecting a child are not permitted to attend CCA.

CCA’s policy is to make no refunds on enrollment, book, or activity fees & tuition.

A student will be considered enrolled until a Withdrawal Form is requested and submitted to the office.

Ask the Head of School, Mrs. Hope Hinson

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