Oklahoma State Accreditation

Oklahoma State law allows for a Christian School and does not require it to be state accredited.

Accreditation by a state governmental agency is an administrative mechanism designed as an attempt to attain uniform education for all children in government schools. It was established as a governmental means of causing local public-school districts to meet what the state educational agencies determined to be minimum academic and facility standards for all schools. Accreditation teams, therefore, investigate and approve or disapprove facilities and curriculum in educational institutions according to the criteria developed by secular educational administrators who may not be Christians.

CCA has chosen not to be state accredited. CCA is a ministry with sincerely held convictions against government control and oversight of the academic aspects of our institution. While the State of Oklahoma does not require CCA to obtain any regional or state accreditation to operate or grant diplomas, individual public-school districts, colleges, and universities establish their own admissions policies.

Accreditation of a private, Christian school is not necessary for a graduate of that school to enroll in any college or university. Registrars of such institutions are interested in the academic merits of individual students, not in the name of their school of graduation. Thus, they evaluate each applicant’s academic aptitude through nationally standardized tests (ACT or SAT) and individual academic excellence (Grade Point Average, attendance, type of diploma, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, etc.).

Parents are encouraged to personally check with their local school districts or colleges in which their children are interested to find out what their policies are regarding admissions and transferring credits.

CCAis amember and accredited by the (ACSI) Association of Christian SchoolsInternational (ACSI).

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