About Us


To seek to lead each child into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and into a personal commitment to maturity in Jesus Christ.

To promote self-discipline in our students so they can grow in obedience to God-established authority.

To develop convictions and standards in each child and help him / her experience God’s power in his / her daily life by developing his / her ability to see life from God’s point of view.

To assist each child in finding the place he / she is best suited to serve God with his / her life and to prepare for a life, which will continually bring glory to God.

To help everyone achieve his / her highest potential, thereby developing self-confidence, a positive self-image, and a Godly character.

To teach each child that God has given him / her individual motivation and abilities and to help him / her begin to discover anddevelop them.

To train the student in the fundamental academic skills in all major subjects, while compensating for any previous inadequacies.

To assist each child to develop potential vocational and / or artistic skills, to fulfill their God-intended purpose.

To instill a burden for lost souls and to train each student to be an effective soul winner for Jesus Christ.

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